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Empowering industries growth, through customised solutions and services.

Engineering Consultancy Division

Our consulting division provides quality, independent and technically advanced engineering, science and related professional services to industries, developers and construction firms to deliver efficient, safe and purpose specific designs and solutions.

Our Consultancy Services

  • Engineering Consulting Services

We work with our clients to deliver end-to-end professional engineering consulting services in identification to implementation of engineered solutions whose typical cycle is highlighted below;
Preliminary Studies
Our experts are capable of carrying out reliable preliminary investigations by collecting and or analysing specific data and information to meet purpose specific client requirements.
Feasibility & Opportunity Studies
We provide a detailed appraisal of solution alternatives to assist our clients in decision making regarding project viability and options for further development.
Economic & Financial Valuation
Through detailed analysis of current and projected costs and revenues, our certified cost engineers are able to establish economic and financial viability of an investment project.
Detailed Project Design Complete With Drawings
Our diverse expertise and decades of experience guarantees our clients detailed engineering designs complete with relevant drawings during development of any engineered solution projects.
Contract Document Preparation
We prepare for and on behalf of our clients comprehensive contract documentation that enables efficient procurement and project cost control.
Engineer's Cost Estimates
Our Certified Cost Engineers are experienced in developing engineering projects cost estimates for budgeting and or financing purposes.
Evaluation of Tenders
From packaging of contract documents, guiding the advertising process, pre-bid and pre-proposal conferencing, developing bid evaluation criteria, and evaluation of submitted bids, EECL professional experts are able to guide our clients through all the stages of engineering services procurement.
Contracts Administration
We provide expert consultancy services to guide our clients through all the stages required for the successful execution of contract works.
Supervision of Construction Works
We provide, for and on behalf of our clients, supervision services in engineering works to ensure that high quality standards are upheld, projects are completed in good time and budgetary provisions are not exceeded.

  • Energy Audits (Including Investment Grade Energy Audits)

With demand to lower increasingly expensive energy costs and move towards a sustainable future, We've continued to empower many industries to reduce their cost of energy per unit produced.
With decades of experience across diverse manufacturing facilities and utility power companies, EECL brings a pool of energy experts and renewable energy practioners to comprehensively audit any process and or equipments.

  • Power Quality Audits

Many industries continue to battle to bring bring down their equipments operational, repair and maintenance costs in order to reduce cost per unit manufactured but with little focuss to thier power quality.
We help our clients diagnose and devise engineered solutions to address any inherent power quality problems including but not limited to harmonics, switching transients, voltage dips and swells, over and under-voltages, low power factor, phase currents imbalance, etc .

  • Electrical Safety Audits

Electrical hazards continue to threaten safety of people and property in the form of shocks, burns, injury, fire and explosions. With electricity having become an indispensable part of our life, electrical risks are to be managed effectively. Fires in high voltage sub-stations, process industries and buildings due to electrical reasons are very common. Through our solid expetise in Electrical safety Audits, we continue to support our clients to enhance personel and property safety to avert loss of lives and property damage/loss.

  • Industry Specific Training

For sustainability, we help our clients to build internal capacity to help manage their facilities and solutions by developing and delivering customized industry-specific trainings.

Engineering Contracting Division

Our engineering contracting divisions offers cutting-edge professional services to power plants, high voltage sub-stations, manufacturing industries, commercial and residential building.

Our Contracting Services

  • Power Plants Services

Our pool of professional engineers posses diverse wealth of expertise in geothermal, hydros, thermal, wind and solar power generation plants to deliver end-end services ranging from design, installations, testing, commissioning and maintenance.
Our services cover all range of equipments in a typical power plant that include generators, transformers, protection systems, HV and MV switchgears, Auxilliary equipments, Actuators and Instruments.

  • High Voltage Sub-station Services

We are licensed to offer end-to-end High Voltage (including 220kV and above) Sub-station services ranging from design, installations, testing, commissioning and maintenance.
Our services cover all range of equipments in a typical Sub-station that include Power Transformers, Control and Protection Systems, HV and MV switchgears, Switch Disconnectors, Overhead conductors, Reactors and Capacitor banks, Earthing Systems, Cable Management System.

  • Industrial Services & Solutions

We develop all range of industrial solutions and services from design, supply, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance.
For detailed range of services, please download our corporate profile(PDF) below.

  • Building Services & Solutions

We develop all range of building solutions in Commercial and Residential buildings, Shopping malls,Hotels, Hospitals, Factory godowns, etc. The services include design, supply, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of the above facilities.
For detailed range of services, please download our corporate profile(PDF) below.


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