Savannah Cement Limited - Athi River

66KV Sub-station & Medium Voltage Equipments Maintenance and Testing

Savannah Cement Limited located at Athi River contracted Ezex Engineering Co. Limited to carry out annual sub-station equipments maintenance, detailed inspection and specialized testing. Recommendations to improve plant equipments safety and optimize plant equipments availability were given. The works included the following major activities:

  • 10MVA 66/10.5kV Main Power Transformers Maintenance and Testing
  • 3 No. Power Transformers Oil Testing for DGA, DBV, Moisture, IR, DAR & PI
  • Inspection, Maintenance & Testing of 66kV Current and Potential Transformers
  • 66 kV SF6 Outdoor Sub-station Circuit Breaker Testing for Contact Resistance and Timing
  • 10.5kV Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breakers Maintenance & Testing
  • Protection Relays and Protection Scheme Testing
  • Medium Voltage Cable Hi-Pot Testing
  • MV and LV Power Factor Correction Banks Maintenance and Testing
  • Energy Meters Testing and Calibration
  • Switching, Isolation, systems normalization and re-commissioning

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