Tata Chemicals Magadi Limited - Magadi

66kV & 11kV Power Plant and Sub-station Equipments Maintenance & Testing

Tata Chemicals located at Magadi contracted Ezex Engineering to carry out their Power Plant and High Voltage sub-station equipments maintenance, detailed inspection and specialized testing. Recommendations on how to improve and sustain plant equipments safety and optimize plant equipments availability were given.
The works included the following major activities;

  • 66kV Outdoor Instrument Transformers (CTs & PTs) Inspection and Testing
  • Power Plant and Sub-station Protection System and Schemes Testing
  • Protection Relays calibration & metering accuracy tests
  • High-Voltage Substation Services
  • 16MVA, 66/5,5kV Power Transformer oil filtration, Maintenance and testing
  • 15No., 5.5kV/0.433kV Power Transformers oil filtration, Maintenance and testing
  • 15No., 5.5kV Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breakers Maintenance and Testing

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